Chris Foot
1 May 2020

5 ways to add sparkle to your bathroom

add sparkle to your bathroom

With spring here at last there’s no better time to give your home a makeover and add sparkle to your bathroom.  Often, bathrooms can be the last room in the house to get a look in on the DIY to do list. So if you’ve lived with your bathroom for some time, you’ll probably have lots of ideas of what you’d like and how you want it to look. One thing’s for sure, you are going to want it to be special. With a huge choice of bathroom tiles, paints, suites and accessories, it’s much easier to add sparkle to your bathroom than you think. Here are our 5 ideas to help make it sparkle! 


One of the simplest ways to add some shimmer is to make the room as light as possible. This can be done by choosing multi-bulb light fittings which bounce light around the room rather than keep it static in one place. Using LED bulbs will help as they give a more intense, bright light. Keeping your windows shiny clean and trimming trees and bushes outside will make sure that natural light can make its way in too.


Another way to maximise the effect of light is to think about the colours on the walls. When you’re choosing your colours, try to opt for light and bright tones which will be more reflective than dark ones. Choose one wall as a feature wall and then design the rest of the room around it as this will make it feel brighter. Go for matt paint finishes too as they are more reflective.


With the light and colour decided, it will be time to decide on your bathroom tiles. Here’s where you can be as extravagant as you like. For the best sparkly finish, choose something like the high polished quartz tiles which are suitable for walls and floors and come in a range of colours to match your scheme. They are hard wearing and low maintenance so are sure to dazzle you and your bathroom! You could also consider adding colour with mirror mosaic tiles. These versatile tiles are an easy way to introduce a reflective wall or border and come in so many colours and sizes that it won’t be difficult to find the perfect one to complement your style.


If polished quartz tiles or mosaics don’t do it for you, a feature mirror wall is an excellent way to reflect light and colour and it will have the added bonus of making the room look bigger too. Choose one big mirror to fill a whole wall or how about an illuminated one to let even more light in? Go for a movie star mirror with lights down each side or create a whole wall of different sizes and shapes of mirrors to maximise the sparkle effect. Finish it off with a mirrored bathroom cabinet for a modern contemporary look.


From glittery tumblers and soap dispensers to sparkly toothbrush holders, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to buying bathroom accessories. Choosing a high gloss, chrome finish on your taps and door handles will help keep the room gleaming. And if you really want to push the boat out, you could go for a diamante encrusted towel ring and sparkle bath towels too!

We hope you’ll enjoy adding sparkle to your bathroom. If you need some more ideas, why not browse our website or talk to one of our Tile Experts who are always happy to help.


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