Chris Foot
26 Jun 2018

Advantages of porcelain tiles


Many people think that because porcelain tiles are more expensive than ceramic tiles, they’re not good value for money. But this is definitely not the case. Porcelain offers huge benefits which will far outweigh the small extra cost of buying them.

They’re tough!

Oh boy, are porcelain tiles tough. They’re hard wearing, can resist heavy impact stresses, are difficult to mark and less prone to breaking, which is why they‘re ideal for floors in high traffic areas, including commercial businesses.

With tiles that are so tough, it’s less likely that you’ll damage and therefore need to replace individual ones. When ceramic tiles get chipped, it becomes immediately obvious because the tile has been glazed – once the glazing has gone, what you see is the clay underneath. Porcelain tiles are the same colour and pattern all the way through, with no need for an extra glaze. This means a small chip is hardly noticeable and won’t affect the overall look of your floor or wall.

Stains aren’t a problem either. Porcelain is dense, which means it isn’t porous. Therefore, if no liquid can penetrate the material, it can’t stain it! This makes them ideal for rooms that are likely to get wet, such as kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, wet rooms, etc.

Easily maintainable

They’re easy to clean too – there are no special solutions required, all you’ll need is a damp mop or cloth, with maybe a bit of soap and Bob’s your uncle.

Having porcelain floor tiles is ideal for pets because any little accidents they have will be easy to clean up. What’s more, their claws are much less likely to scratch the surface of the tiles, so they’ll stay looking great for longer.

They’re lovely!

Porcelain tiles are beautiful. They’re made from higher quality materials than ceramic ones so will instantly look great, making your room really pop.

Our porcelain tiles come in different colours, patterns and looks, including marble, wood-effect, and metallic so there’s bound to be something you’ll love.

They’ll look great for years

If you treat them well, your porcelain tiles will last longer than ceramic ones and will look good for years. For a small extra investment now, you could reap the benefits for decades to come.


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