Sai Siddique
9 Nov 2018

Top Tips for creating a designer bathroom

Designer Bathroom

As rooms go, the importance of a well-designed bathroom cannot be stressed enough. If you are thinking of selling your property a bathroom can add value to your home and make it much more marketable.

If you are staying put, then it’s all the more essential to create a space that not only provides function but can also add huge aesthetic value.

Here are Sai Interiors top tips for creating a designer bathroom.

Step 1 – Spatial Planning

This is absolutely the most important step of the whole process. Write a wish list of what you require in your bathroom and then see what can fit in the space you have and where each element will sit. The placement of sanitary wear and how it all flows is key to the design.

st albans bathroom

Step 2 – Design Detail

Once the layout of the bathroom has been finalised the next step is to start thinking about the aesthetics of it. Do you want a contemporary space or something a little more vintage and cosy? Look through magazines and on-line for ideas and inspiration. Do not be afraid to be bold in your choices of bathrooms. This is a space you can really have fun with by adding statement tiles or wallpaper. A statement light fitting can also help create the designer look in a bathroom. (make sure any lighting used in the bathroom is IP rated for the space.)

Step 3 – Budget Planning

If you’re on this step then by now you will know the layout and look of the bathroom you want to create. The key to this step is to make sure that everything on your wish list is achievable within the budget you have. When we’re working with clients we pick one element that is going to be the focal point of the bathroom. That could be the vanity unit, lighting or tiles. We then allow a good portion of budget to this piece. Adding one beautiful key piece can instantly give the bathroom the designer look. We then balance this with opting for more affordable options for all other pieces to make sure it all comes within budget. Don’t forget to factor in the overall installation cost too.

Step 4 – Sit back, relax and enjoy your new space

You’ve created your dream designer bathroom, this will be a space you can enjoy for many years to come. The key now is to make sure you kick back and enjoy the beauty of your new designer bathroom!

Sit back & relax


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