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3 Jul 2019

Bathroom tiles – What’s hot and what’s not!

white bathroom tiles

Part of the job of an interior designer is to be able to think out of the box and to push the boundaries of design to create something quite beautiful while at all times remaining functional. At Sai interiors, one of our favourite rooms which allows us to do just this, is of course the bathroom. As you know, we love to layer textures and styles to give rooms personality and class. For this month’s blog we’d like to share the current bathroom tile trends which bring both elements of texture and style to the table!

Statement or Feature Wall/ Floor

While the concept of feature walls and floors is a little dated in living rooms and dining rooms, this concept is booming when it comes to the bathroom. There really is no better way to inject a huge dose of life, energy and personality into your bathroom than to go for a tile that is not only bold in colour but bold in pattern to create ‘amazing’ in your bathroom space. 

We are absolutely in love with the Lily-pad tile which has a huge range of colours to choose from. 

peacock wall tile

Creating a third dimension

One of the trends that we are absolutely most excited about is that of the textured and 3D effect tiles. These tiles are a game changer in design. The current market is surging forward in the choice of tiles with the most amazing textures, that when used give the most tactile interiors you can create. Add to that the new 3D tiles which are breaking into the tile market and you really can create something spectacular with your design scheme. Wallpapers are no longer the only surface that can offer geometric shapes, tiles are definitely the new kid on the block when it comes to surfaces!

Marble is a must

Although marble is certainly not a new trend by any means, there has been a huge resurgence of the classic marble tile, largely thanks to the new wave of black bathroom taps and hardware. Crital shower screens added to the mix and the white and grey marble tile provides the perfect marriage.

marble tile

Digital Print

The tile market is on fire! As we see technology advancing ever forward, one particular tile trend to look out for and which looks set to be huge particularly for the bathroom, is that of the digitally printed tile. If you love textures then the new breed of digitally printed tiles has to be on your radar. If you want a wood, concrete or stone effect then porcelain tiles with a digitally printed faux finish is a must for your new bathroom scheme. 

Need advice on the latest bathroom tile trends? Pop in to your local Home Tiles Store and get cracking on your new bathroom project and make sure your scheme is bang on trend!


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