Chris Foot
11 Oct 2021

Best Designs to Create a Positive and Impactful Atmosphere

One of the best things about tiles is their variety, they come in a huge number of different colours and there are hundreds of different designs you can choose for your property. If you know what look you want it can be easy to choose what tiles you want, but there’s one thing that most people don’t consider when they’re buying their tiles and that is the atmosphere that they generate. The atmosphere can really make or break a room; you wouldn’t be able to relax in a room you don’t like so that’s why it’s important to get the atmosphere right.


Different designs create different atmospheres, so we’ve put together a list of the best designs to create a positive and impactful atmosphere in your property.

Warm Wooden Rustic

Everyone wants their property to feel homely and look nice, well wood effect tiles are a great way of achieving both at the same time. They look amazing at all hours of the day, with light really highlighting it’s wooden pattern and bringing out the grooves and curves in it’s design, it leaves you unable to tell the difference aesthetically between actual wooden planks and tiles. Additionally, it’s design really generates the warmth a strong rustic atmosphere creates, encouraging you to relax in it’s earthy tones.  As they’re tiles instead of laminate flooring it’s durability will amplify that peace of mind as laminate isn’t nearly as durable as porcelain tiles, and if you have underfloor heating you’ll truly feel the warmth they bring.

Modern, Alive, and Loud

Mixing light and dark coloured tiles in your house may seem counterintuitive, but it does an amazing job at bringing a room alive. Achieving that colour balance can be difficult depending on how your room is situated but in this case hard work definitely pays off, as it’s easy to make a room gloomy by having too much dark or by blinding yourself with too much light, but having the right blend really grounds the colours and gives them maximum appeal. This combination will really bring life to the room and almost animate it leaving it looking like something out of a movie.

Esteemed Elegance

Everyone wants their property looking nice, and a great way of doing this is going for a nice prestigious or sophisticated look, which may sound difficult to achieve but is easily done. There’s a multitude of different colour combinations to achieve this, but we’ll focus on the most common; which is marble. Marble has been around since the ancient Greeks, and there’s a reason why it’s survived all this time and that’s because it really does look amazing. It really screams elegance and sophistication and is a great way to get your property posh. Marble design tiles are an amazing way of achieving this distinguished look and they’re also dramatically cheaper than getting actual marble, our Palmira Bianco tile is £14.99 a M2 whereas actual marble could take you into triple figures.

Modern And Trendy

Modern designs have really been taking off in the past few years, turning away from dated cottage designs and moving towards nice blocky neutral colours. And with this surge there has been increase in demand for grey, as the colour of the now is really seeing an uptrend thanks to its adaptability with other designs and colours. It allows people to modernise whatever designs their property is already hosting as due to the shades it comes in and the neutrality it brings you can blend old with new, or alternatively you can highlight brighter colours as it works really well as a background colour.


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