Chris Foot
15 Sep 2020

How to create a country kitchen look

Country kitchen

You don’t have to live in the country to create a country kitchen look in your home. You just need to introduce the elements of a traditional rustic kitchen to give you the feeling of being in a lovely cosy house in the countryside.

When thinking about a country kitchen, most people think of farmhouses with stone-tiled flooring, a range to cook on and a big wooden table in the middle of the kitchen. It’s an inviting place where the whole family will gather for their home-cooked meals.

Natural materials

Wood is one of the main materials that will give your kitchen the natural look. But, while it gives a warm, welcoming feeling and is great for furniture and units, it isn’t necessarily the most practical material to use as kitchen flooring. If you’d love a wooden floor but are worried about its durability, look at our wood-effect tiles – they’ll give you the best of both worlds by being as practical as they are attractive.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you might also want to consider adding wooden beams to your kitchen ceiling to give it a more country feel. And, of course, a pine wooden dresser is almost obligatory in a country kitchen…

In terms of kitchen surfaces, it’d be great to have granite or stone, but that’s not always affordable. Alternatives are stone-effect or marble-effect laminate. However, if you’re determined to go down the wooden route, investigate bamboo worktops which are hard-wearing, watertight and sustainable.

Mix and match

The look of a traditional country kitchen has evolved over the years rather than being created in one go, giving it a charming mismatch of furniture and fixtures. Search for reclaimed or second-hand items that will give the impression your kitchen has been lived in, and loved, for many years. If it’s large enough to have a table, a beautiful wooden table with assorted wooden chairs will be a great focal point.


The kind of accessories that can give your kitchen a country look are things like a butler sink, open shelving, a hanging rack with hooks to keep your saucepans and frying pans on, pottery bowls and jugs on display, or flowers and plants – even if it’s just growing herbs on your windowsill.

You will also need splashbacks around the sink and hob, which are ideal areas for plain tiles like the Metro, a stone-effect tile like the Xian-lux, or something with an unusual pattern like the Brushstroke Gris Dec.


Natural colours are the order of the day in a country-style kitchen. For example, cream-coloured or pastel-shaded units will contrast beautifully with wood. And if there’s space to add pictures on the walls, choose ones depicting a countryside theme, such as trees, flowers and wildlife.


For an added touch of realism, no country kitchen is complete without a cat and/or a dog! Clearly animals, especially dogs, are going to give you a few cleaning headaches, but in terms of flooring, tiles have got you covered. Tiles are pet friendly because they’re easy to clean and hygienic as well as being hard-wearing and resistant to scratching.


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