Chris Foot
13 Jul 2018

How to create a feature wall using tiles

Creating a feature wall

By definition a feature wall, sometimes referred to as an accent wall, is a wall whose design differs from the design of the other walls in the room.  The idea is to create impact when you enter. Creating a focal point with which to draw the eye.

feature wall can be created by simply using a different colour from the other walls, or you can really go to town, have fun and use materials that are bold, striking and ooze personality!

In years gone by the “go to” material for feature walls has always been wallpaper or paint. Not in 2018 it isn’t.

Tiles are the undisputed material of choice for the feature wall of 2018!

With the variety, colours, styles and choice of tiles on the market, they can be used to create a feature in any room of the house.

So what are you waiting for? It’s simple. Pick a wall in a room to create the ‘Feature’. Pop in to your local HOME TILES and get inspired.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

The Wood Effect:

Wood cladding on a feature wall is an amazing way to create huge impact and to give your room a modern rustic look. Wood effect tiles on the wall not only look amazing but they are extremely hard wearing, easily cleaned and give a room a timeless quality.

Stone and Brick

Design in 2018 is all about textures. What better way to create a feature wall than to clad it with stone or brick effect tiles. Not only do they give a space a tactile feel but they look gorgeous in any modern and contemporary scheme.


Definitely a favourite of ours. Mosaics are the most impactful tiles. They work perfectly on a feature wall to really draw the eye in. The variety and choice available on the market is vast. They come in all colours, sizes and shapes. A favourite of our is the penny effect mosaic in a hexagon of course!

Feature Strip

Feature strips are to tiles what borders are to wallpapers. They are a way to break up the block effect of wall coverings and really catch the eye. Used cleverly they can also be used to create clever design tricks . A feature strip going from floor to ceiling can make the ceiling height to appear higher. A feature strip inserted horizontally can visually add width to a room.


Patterns can come in two forms . A feature wall using a tiles with a gorgeous pattern can look stunning. However our current favourite is to lay a plain tile in a pattern. We love the herringbone style of laying tiles. Add to that a contrasting grout and instantly you have something very special.


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