Sai Siddique
9 Sep 2019

How to brighten up your home with Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Wall

This month we thought we’d share a few of our tips on using mosaic tiles and why they are so effective in brightening up your home.

Why do designers love working with mosaics? The easy answer to this is that they are the most effective way to create huge visual impact in a space with minimal cost and effort.

By definition Mosaic Tiles are usually small pieces of tiles made of glass, porcelain or ceramic. They are set on a mesh sheet to allow easy installation. Here are a few ways to help brighten your home using mosaics:-


There has been a huge revolution in tiles over the last few years. They are no longer there just for functionality, but aesthetic value is now taking the lead when it comes to tile choices in the home. Mosaics are no exception when it comes to this tile revolution. If you think mosaics only come in small squares think again. The new breed come is all sorts of shapes and sizes. We absolutely love the hexagon mosaics. Whether you use them as a splashback in either the bathroom or kitchen or as a feature wall in a shower enclosure, the only limit is your imagination.

hexagon shaped mosaic tiles


If you are trying to brighten up your colour scheme then the most effective way to do this is to bring a ‘pop’ of colour into the scheme. Mosaics are king when it comes to adding the ‘pop’ of colour. The current trend is to use pastel colours and shades, blush pinks, muted blues and delicious mint colours bring a sense of excitement and balance to a scheme. Metallic mosaics are also bang on trend to create huge visual impact and a strong focal point in a room.

Metallic Tiles, mosaic

Feature Tiles

How and where you use mosaics can be key to the success of a scheme. In a kitchen they are one of the best options for splashbacks. In bathrooms you can use them to create a zone, for example in a walk-in shower enclosure. Fully tiling both floor and walls of a shower enclosure will draw the eye immediately to that space and make it look bigger. These beautiful wood effect mosaics are one of our favourites to create a feature in a room.

Wood Effect, Mosaic Tiles

Home Tiles have a huge selection of beautiful mosaics for all designs and purposes. Why not pop into one of their stores and check out the ranges on offer.


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