Chris Foot
21 Nov 2019

How to choose the best bathroom tiles for your home

The best bathroom tiles

Whether you would like to simply update your existing bathroom floor tiles or create a whole new bathroom design, there will be a wide range of factors to take into consideration to ensure that you achieve the look you are seeking; after all, we all want our bathrooms to be havens where we can retreat, relax and find time for ourselves.

So what should you be taking into account when making the important decision on which bathroom floor tiles to go for? What colour should you choose? Large or mosaic? Textured or natural? There are so many factors to keep in mind

Well, don’t worry! To make these important decisions easier, we’ve listed below some top ideas on how to make sure that you select the perfect floor tile for your bathroom.

Select your style

What style do you wish to portray in this special room? One easy way to begin choosing your bathroom floor tiles is to find one style that you really adore. You may have fallen in love with the sleek, modern look. Perhaps you love bold colours, glitter or shapes and textures. Once decided, you can then keep this style and feel in mind when making all your other choices

Do you want a main feature

When you enter the bathroom, what do you want to be the main focal point? Once you have chosen this, then you can start to select the perfect tiles to ensure the focus is on this space, whether this is as a splashback for your antique bath or an eye-catching mosaic in your new shower enclosure. And you can then begin to choose bathroom floor tiles that will complement and enhance the main feature of the room.

Choosing your floor tiles

What if you have decided on a simple tile for the walls and a white bathroom suite? If you’ve already selected a more simplistic, future protected design as you are worried that you may fall out of love with the latest trends, this is where your bathroom floor tiles can come into their own. Easy to change when you decide that you want a fresh new look and practical and hard-wearing for all bathrooms and wet rooms, floor tiles can also add a WOW factor to any room. You can create that boho look, add glitter and glitz, or even achieve the look of real wood with our wood effect porcelain floor tiles for the perfect rustic, shabby chic finish.

Room size v tile size

In general, most bathrooms are not huge, so you may want to keep away from the larger floor tiles that, if used, can end up making your bathroom feel smaller. Ideally, it is best to select tiles that will complement the room size. I hope that these tips have been of some assistance; however, if this all seems a little daunting, our expert team are always happy to assist. Check out our 10 questions to ask your Home Tiles sales advisor feature if you need a little help in this area.


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