Chris Foot
9 Oct 2019

How to create a designer look with porcelain tiles

imotion metallic tile

Designer look porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are hardwearing, durable, long lasting and easy to clean and maintain, but they also have the huge advantage that they look amazing. So if you want to create a designer look in any room, you definitely need to consider using porcelain tiles. Here are a few of our favourite looks: 

The classic look 

Marble is associated with luxury, and marble-effect tiles will bring a touch of the high life into your home without the hefty price tag of real marble. So if you want to give your home a classic look, marble will look great in the bathroom, kitchen or living room.

Adding a touch of creativity

If you’d like to get creative and let your individuality shine through, there are plenty of chances to do that with porcelain tiles. The Imotion Inox Metallic Porcelain Tile will allow you to add ‘movement’ to the look of your room and will add a bit of interest. Alternatively, the beautiful grey patterned Brushstroke tiles will be perfect if you’re seeking a modern, natural look. 


For those who like uncluttered homes, plain, simple and sleek tiles, like the Super White Ivory Polished Porcelain Tile, will add to the harmonious effect and help to make the rooms look larger too. 

The natural look

Wooden floors look lovely, but they require a lot of upkeep and are easy to damage, which is why wood-effect porcelain tiles have become so popular. They’re designed to look realistic, but they are waterproof and stainproof which makes them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms where real wooden floors would be impractical. 

Indoor/outdoor living 

With the warmer summers, we’re adapting our homes to make the most of the heat and increase our living space with indoor/outdoor areas. Porcelain tiles are durable enough for use outdoors, but stylish enough for indoors, making them the perfect option for indoor/outdoor spaces. 

And with so many different designer look porcelain tiles to choose from, achieving the wow factor is just a Home Tiles visit away!


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