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1 Jun 2020

How to create a retro vibe

retro kitchen tiles metro style

Bring out your inner flair with some retro-style decorating this season. If it’s a vintage look that you’re after, just by following a few easy steps, we will show you how to create a retro vibe and bring the fashion and trends of the 60s and 70s into your home.

Make a bold statement

Large designs and bold colours should be at the top of your hit parade if you’re looking to introduce some hip and cool features to your home decor. Strong colours that shout fun such as orange, green or yellow can be used to make feature walls or you could choose one piece of furniture to be prominent and stand out. You can accessorise with your big colours too by choosing eye catching contemporary furnishings from designers like Orla Kiely which have been designed with the past in mind and a nod to the 60s. Busy patterns, large designs and geometric graphics look great with this kind of decor and don’t worry about clashes – they will finish off the look fabulously! 

Create a vintage look

Another great way to imitate the style of bygone years is with a clever choice of tiles. With the huge range of tiles on offer now, it’s easy to capture a vintage look when you buy retro tiles. The classic black and white checkerboard floor is a design which has been making an impact in homes over the years and it’s not showing any signs of stopping now! It’s easy to achieve the monochrome checked look with black and white floor tiles or if you’re feeling creative, you can turn your hand at some mosaic tiling work for a feature pattern. Or create a statement tile wall in your living room with the Ruby Glow Red polished glass tiles for a real 70s look. Metro tiles are the most versatile tiles to work with if you’re aiming for a nostalgic look. Available in a huge range of colours, including vintage tones like the Metro Sage, they will add a timeless, classic look to your kitchen or bathroom.

Create the look with furniture

You can also add character and charm to your home with quirky furniture and soft furnishings. These might be great finds from the local boot sale or flea market or hand-downs and heirlooms from parents and grandparents. Either way, they will add to the authentic design and bring some retro influence to your rooms. Don’t forget to add some crazy art to your walls too. From pop art collages to psychedelic patterns, there’s plenty to choose from to give the final finishing touch and invite the past into your home. Or if you’re feeling creative, you can paint your own and really put your own stamp on the design. Yeah baby!


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