Chris Foot
5 Apr 2020

How to tile your kitchen on a budget

Budget kitchen tiles

Budget kitchen tiles

If you’re keen to give your kitchen a makeover but think it might be too expensive, read on for some great ideas on how to tile your kitchen on even the tightest budget. You never know, it might work out cheaper than you think.


If you tile your kitchen yourself then you’ll obviously save on the cost of hiring a tiler to do the job for you. We can provide you with lots of advice on the best tiles for your budget and advice on how to do the job yourself. It may take longer to do it yourself, but with practice and patience, you can tile your kitchen for less.

Ceramic tiles are cheapest

Porcelain, quartz and glass tiles look fabulous, but they can also come with a hefty price tag. Ceramic tiles are generally the cheapest ones you can buy, but don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re not a good buy. They offer many of the same benefits as porcelain tiles (have a look at our Ceramic vs Porcelain Tiles blog) but they may not last as long. Also, take accurate measurements of the area you want to tile so you buy the right number of tiles … plus a few extra in case of any breakages!

You don’t have to tile the whole lot

With the fabulous range of tiles on offer, you may well be tempted to tile the whole kitchen. Yet, if you opt instead, for example, to tile the lower half of each wall, or limit the tiling to splashbacks behind the sink and stove, then you can either save money by having cheaper tiles to cover a larger area or buy more expensive tiles to create a feature… or perhaps a combination of both.

You could intersperse patterned tiles among cheaper, plain tiles to create impact. Use mosaic tiles or metro tiles to add a flash of colour or create lines and patterns. Alternatively, create interesting features by using different shades and tones of the same colour. If you’re not sure how your ideas fit together, then speak to an advisor in our stores and they will help you bring your designs to life.

Don’t forget the extras

When your head is full of exciting ideas, it’s easy to overlook the accessories and equipment you need to tile your kitchen. Make sure you budget for items like tile cutters, adhesive, grouting, tile spacers and trims so there are no unwelcome surprises at the cash desk (though we do have the guaranteed lowest prices in the area).

Check out our range of Value and Variety tiles

We have a wonderful range of high-quality budget kitchen tiles that offer excellent value and variety. We achieve our low prices by dealing directly with manufacturers and passing on the savings to our customers. Many of the tile ranges we sell are exclusive to us, and we also offer a cheapest price guarantee making it easy for you to tile your kitchen beautifully on a budget.


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