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1 Oct 2020

Increase the value of your house quickly and cost-effectively

Increase the value of your home

During the national lockdown in the first half of the year, UK house prices fell for four consecutive months. As a consequence, in July, the government announced a break in Stamp Duty Land Tax for all buyers of properties under £500,000. And properties that are priced over half a million will only have to pay the Duty on the value above that. This proved to be good news for the housing market, which recovered rapidly with house prices bouncing back – in August, they saw the highest monthly rise for 16 years.

What has become known as the ‘Stamp Duty holiday’ will come to an end on 31st March 2021. Therefore, if you’re thinking of selling your home, do it soon while the market’s buoyant and people can afford to spend more.

To get more interest from buyers, as well as the best price, it is a good idea to invest some time and money on making your property look as good as possible before you put it on the market. It’s well known that the nicer your house looks, the more likely it is to sell quickly and for more than the asking price. Therefore, the more work you do on it now, the better. Here are some of the ways you can spruce up your home to make it more attractive to buyers – and who knows, you might even like it so much you decide to stay put!

Add a lick of paint

When most people view a new home, they generally only see what’s in front of them and can’t imagine what it could look like if they wanted to transform it. That’s why it’s recommended that you repaint the walls in neutral colours (anyone can dislike looking at a teenager’s black bedroom walls, but very few are able to visualise them in any other colour – which could make them less likely to want to buy the property).

Renew the tiling

Most of the people buying homes would love to do extensive work in order to make it their own, but they know they wouldn’t be able to afford to do everything all at once. So they’re looking for something they love now, or at least that they’d be happy to live with while they save up to get exactly what they want. If your bathroom walls or kitchen floor tiles are looking a little worse for wear, replacing them is something you could do yourself (check the internet for instruction videos), and the resulting increase in house value will more than makeup for your small investment of money and time.

Chuck out the clutter

Don’t leave it till moving day before you have a clear out. Do it before you put the property on the market. Not only will that save you a lot of hassle during what will be a busy and stressful time, but it will also add value to your home by making it look more spacious and loved. Who knows, you might even be able to make a bit of money out of it by selling some of your unused stuff. With all the restrictions on our social lives and the ever-present possibility of a local lockdown, this is a great time to get stuck into clearing out the overflowing cupboards and wardrobes.

Clear the jungle

Letting your garden run wild may be good for the wildlife, but it’s not good for the price of your property. Again, with more spare time on your hands, now is a great time to hack away at the weeds and cut the grass. You don’t have to go all Capability Brown on it, but making it look tidy and maintained will work wonders.

We can’t help you weed the garden, but we can help you with tiles, adhesives, grouting, equipment and advice. We have stores across North London as well as in Aylesbury and High Wycombe. Individual stores may have to restrict opening times on a temporary basis, so always check before you set off.


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