Chris Foot
25 Aug 2021

Mosaic Tile Trends for 2022

Why are mosaic tiles popular

from Ancient Greece to modern-day mosaic tiles have always been a hit, this is because of two main reasons:

  • Highlight/feature – Because of their small size and colourations you’re able to create works of art to sit permanently on your walls. You can combine them with larger tiles like 30x60 or 60x60, or use contrasting colours to truly make your designs stand out.


  • Suit your own tastes – Because you’re able to create your own designs with mosaic tiles, you’re able to get the exact look you want. Mosaic tiles come in many different designs and shapes giving you the creative freedom to create a design you can be proud of.


Below, we’ve listed a few of the designs we have noticed started to gain traction that we think will only continue to grow in popularity.

Metallic Shine

Create a prestigious ambience in your property with a metallic shine. Dazzle your guests with horizontal or vertical stripes or even cover an entire wall to amaze your guests. It’s dark colours allow it to fit well with both light and grey darks. Try avoid using tiles that are too dark as it may result as the room becoming gloomy as a result of all the dark shades of tile.

Glass Mirror

Mirrored mosaic tiles don’t only just look nice, they also have a lot of benefits associated with them. They are a great way of brightening up rooms that have darker tiles or are dimly lit, as they reflect light making the room more illuminated. With their smooth gloss finish, they are perfectly suited for bathrooms or splashbacks as grime and watermarks are easily wiped off and cleaned. If you’re trying to add depth to a room glass mirror mosaic has the unique ability to do this, as reflections often make things look further than they actually are.


Rustic mosaic tiles are great at bringing warmth into your property, they create a homely cosy ambience in your property making you never want to leave. There’s a lot you can do with them as well like having a rustic stripe through creamy beige tiles in your kitchen, or creating an earthy square around a large wall-mounted mirror. Rustic tiles also handle dirt well, meaning that cleaning doesn’t need to be as frequent or vigorous.

Grey Gleam

Grey is one of the most popular colours of tiles, from lights to darks and matt or gloss there is a lot of variation for it, so it’s not surprising it’s gaining popularity. They look amazing in an extended kitchen splashback alongside some similar shade tiles, or you can create a vertical stripe in your bathroom with some grey gloss mosaic tiles to create a stunning shine or gleam to really catch people’s eyes.



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