Chris Foot
1 Jun 2018

Mosaic Tiles and how to use them

Create a zone

Mosaic tiles are enjoying a huge resurgence. They are fast becoming the must have feature in any design scheme!

Largely in part due to the fact that the mosaic tiles of 2018 offer a huge selection of options. They are diverse in styles, patterns and colours. Hexagons, chevrons, metallics and geometrics are just some of the new styles on offer. When added to your design scheme they certainly create huge impact!

Looking for inspiration? Here are just some of the ways you can use Mosaics to create the “Wow!”

Feature Walls

If you are looking to create a focal point in a room, then what better way than to create a feature wall, which will draw your eye from the moment you enter. Feature wallpaper has had it’s day for the time being, however for feature mosaic tiles it’s quite the opposite.

A great space to create a feature wall is in the bathroom. If you are creating a walk-in shower area then a floor to ceiling feature wall in a beautiful mosaic such as these marble mosaic herringbone tiles can create massive impact as well as giving the space a contemporary slant.

Feature Walls

Create a tiled recess feature

If a feature wall is a little too bold and attention grabbing then an alternative but no less effective option is to create recessed spaces in the walls and creating mosaic tiled features inside them.

As this will only be a small space the key is to go big (or bold) or go home, literally! Throw everything in the mix, geometrics, metallics and 3d tiles as we did in this client’s recess. Add to it feature downlights and voila you’ve suddenly created something very special!



It’s not a new concept to use mosaics as splashbacks however with the variety of styles on the market now, a splashback in a contemporary mosaic will instantly breathe life to the scheme.

Although splashbacks are essentially meant for practical purposes, this is a classic area where function can meet aesthetics.

In 2018 the trend is to add patterns such as hexagons, chevrons or herringbone.


Create a zone

In case you’ve not heard of the concept of ‘Zoning’, this is a really key way to break up big open plan spaces to allow them to feel more intimate, welcoming and cosy. The idea is to use a different material on sections of either the walls or floors to create visually smaller areas.

The picture illustrates perfectly how these gorgeous blue mosaic tiles have been used both on the floor and wall to create distinct zones in what would otherwise be a huge bathroom.

Create a zone

So without further delay, get yourself over to a Home Tiles store near you to check out their fabulous range of Mosaics and don’t forget to send pictures of your finished scheme!


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