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18 Mar 2020

How to use patterns and textures in your home

textured tiles and patterned tiles

Textured Tiles rock

Add a flash of creativity and flair to your home by using wall and floor tiles to create intricate and interesting patterns and textures. Thought and planning are key here because if you get the pattern and design wrong, you can end up with a room that looks odd and haphazard but, if done correctly, you can create a wonderful ambience that complements your décor and furniture perfectly.

You could tile the whole bathroom, create a fabulous splashback in the kitchen or have a stunning feature wall in your hallway or living room. You can achieve the look you want either by using a range of individual textured tiles to create your own design or use packs of patterned tiles instead.

Create your own design

Use your imagination and creativity to add interesting and unusual patterns to your home. There are a variety of patterns and designs you can follow, and use a single colour, monochrome black and white, alternating colours or different shades of the same colour to really personalise your design.

There’s the Herringbone pattern which creates a sense of space, movement and flow. To achieve this look use subway-style tile and lay them in a ‘V’ shape pointing up or across a wall or on a floor. Take a look at the Coral Dark tiles which can be used to create a wood-effect herringbone pattern on your wall or floor.

You could create a brick wall look where you use rectangular tiles and either lay the tiles horizontally or vertically to create a sense of height. Or use square tiles to create a linear pattern by laying the tiles directly in line with each other. You can create a fabulous checkerboard effect and using contrasting colours or shades of the same colour can be highly effective.

Unusually shaped tiles such as hexagon and 45 degrees subway-style tiles allow you to make create some interesting shapes and patterns. Or how about a modular pattern where you can create your own modular design using a mix of large, small, mosaic, square or rectangular tiles? Create the same pattern within a square and repeat the square across your wall or floor. You can create some fantastic and innovative designs especially if you use a variety of different colours and finishes including glass and metal finishes.

Finally, consider using a basket weave design. This simple design is very effective, and you can achieve it by laying 2 or more of the same size tiles together to create a square. Lay the first square horizontally and the next square vertically and continue to alternate across the wall or floor.

Alternatively use patterned tiles

If you don’t want to or have time to create your own design, then there is a stunning range of patterned tiles to use on your walls and floors instead: create a stunning vertical or horizontal rectangular pattern with the Nival Gris; achieve the hexagonal look the easy way with Marmara ceramic wall tiles; use the simply stunning Fossil Gold Rustic tile or dramatic Thunder Black tiles to create a beautiful feature wall. There are also tiles which appear to add texture to your walls as well as colour. Take a look at the unusual red and black Ruby Glow Red or the Neptune Carrara Deco White. There is such a wide range of patterns and finishes available that, as they say, the only limit is your imagination!

For more inspiration for textured tiles, take a look at our gallery, or if you are still stuck for choice then contact us, and we can help you decide which tiles will create brilliant patterns and textures which will look fabulous in your home.


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