Chris Foot
24 Apr 2019

10 questions to ask your Home Tiles sales advisor

Ask questions

Our sales advisors have all been trained on virtually everything there is to know about tiles and tiling, so make sure that, when you visit one of our stores, you keep them on their toes by asking lots of questions!

Getting as much information as possible in advance is actually vital if you’re planning a DIY project because getting it wrong could cost both time and money… not to mention frustration it would cause! So, to help you, we’ve put together a list of the most important questions to ask your Home Tiles sales advisor to ensure you get the right answers that will enable you to do things right the first time.

How many tiles do I need?

The answer depends on the answers to questions our advisor will need to ask you! Before you come in, measure the dimensions of the wall or floor you want to tile. Our in-store advisors will also need to know the specific tile you’re interested in, because different tiles come in different sizes! For a rough calculation, there is a tile calculator on every product page online. But, if you’re planning to use different tiles on the same wall, e.g. a mix of tiles and mosaics, it’s best to ask our advice.

How many extra tiles should I buy, just in case?

It’s inevitable that, when you’re cutting tiles to fit around the edges and into awkward corners, there will be breakages (don’t feel bad, it even happens to experienced professional tilers). We recommend that you add an extra 10% to your order to cover potential breakages. If you do a great job and you’ve got some left over, you can return any unopened boxes of tiles for a refund within 28 days.

What’s the best tile for the job?

If you’re not sure whether the tiles you like are suitable for what you have in mind, just ask us for advice. It’s especially important to get the right kind of tile if you’re using it as a floor covering as some may not be strong enough to sustain a lot of foot traffic. There are also two different types of tiles – ceramic and porcelain. Porcelain tiles will cost a bit more, but if you want them to last for years, possibly decades, the extra investment may well be worth it.

What colour tiles should I buy?

Well, there’s no way we’re going to tell you what your favourite colour is, but there are a few basic rules when it comes to clever use of colour. If you have a small room or a room that doesn’t get much daylight, using lighter coloured tiles will help to make the space look bigger. Conversely, darker coloured tiles will add a cosier feel to a room.

What size tiles should I buy?

You can also use the size of the tiles themselves to help make a small room look bigger or a large room look smaller. It may seem counter intuitive, but using large tiles in a small room (such as a wet room or small bathroom) will make it look bigger – with fewer grouting lines, the eye has less to focus on, giving the optical illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is.

What adhesive do I need?

The type of adhesive you need depends on what kind of surface you’re planning to use it on and if you want to lay floor tiles over underfloor heating. Always ask our sales advisors for help as getting it wrong could end up being a very costly mistake.

Do I need special tiles for a wet room?

You don’t need special tiles for the walls of a wet room, but for safety’s sake, it’s always a good idea to use textured tiles for the floor – smooth tiles will be too slippery. Ask an advisor about the best ones to use.

What kind of grout do I need?

Grouting comes in a range of colours and types, so ask about the best one to use to create the effect you’re going for.

What if you don’t have the tiles I need in stock?

The likelihood is that we probably will! But, if you need more than we have in store, we should have them in our North London warehouse and, depending on the time of day, could get them ready for you to pick up by the end of the day.

Choosing tiles is thirsty work – any chance of a cuppa?

Yes! If you haven’t already been offered a drink, just ask. It’s our policy to offer water, tea or coffee to everyone who visits a Home Tiles store. We’re nice like that!


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