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1 Nov 2020

Tiles for your home office

Home offices

The coronavirus has changed the way we live and work, and many of the effects are set to last. The most striking of the changes in the shift towards remote working, which accelerated during the lockdown and has gained such popularity that many office workers are planning to work remotely in the future. Indeed, the accountancy firm Deloitte has already made the decision to close some of its offices around the country in order to move staff to permanent home working.

With more of us spending some or all of our working hours at home, the creation of a home office has become a priority in many households, whether it’s a loft conversion, garage conversion, doing up the spare room, building an office at the bottom of the garden, or using a log cabin, shipping container or caravan.

Wherever your home office is located, it will need to be a practical, professional space that will simultaneously motivate you to be productive, fit your personality, and be impressive enough to be seen by colleagues and clients alike in virtual meetings. Your decorations and furniture need to be complemented by the right flooring.

The perfect floor tiles

Tiling the floor will make your home office look great, and it will be a practical flooring solution that is hard-wearing and easy to keep clean. Tiles are especially useful if you have underfloor heating and will keep your feet lovely and warm, whether you prefer to wear office slippers or pad around barefoot. The majority of our floor tiles are suitable for underfloor heating, but please make sure you’re using the right adhesive – our friendly staff will be very happy to help you.

Here are some of the many tiles we have in stock that’ll look fantastic in a home office.

Wood effect – the perfect compromise between the beauty of a wooden floor and the practicality of porcelain tiles. If you want to create a cosy-looking space, wood effect tiles are great. Look polished tiles, such as the Vinto Ash or Vinto Dune, or tiles with a matt finish, such as the Berg Dark or Berg Light. If you like the look of aged parquet flooring but can’t afford the huge price tag, our Metalic Wood tiles will look amazing. Or, if you’re going more for the shabby chic look, our Vintage tiles will be perfect.

Industrial – giving your home office an industrial feel is easy with the right floor tiles. The concrete look of Oneway Steel or Lacto White tiles will give the room a modern, edgy style. Alternatively, tiles with details added like the Gravity Metallic or the City Range will give the space a slightly more domestic feel.

Marble – to achieve the look of a sumptuously grand office, you’ll need a marble floor. For a fraction of the price of real marble flooring, you can achieve the same look with porcelain tiles. Go for realistic patterns with light colours such as the Palatine, Kairos Blanco or Patmos, or a darker look with the Silke Marengo, Padova Azzurro or Xian-lux Dark.

Patterned – using patterned tiles such as the Derby, Durham and Brighton will give your room a warm, friendly feel. Many years ago, people used to laboriously paint stencilled patterns directly on to the floor and had to watch their work getting increasingly scuffed and faded as people walked on it. With patterned tiles, you can create a similar effect much more easily, and it’ll last and last!


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