Chris Foot
24 Oct 2017

Tiling help for landlords

How landlords can add value and variety to their properties

In our stores, we often provide tiling advice for Landlords who are decorating multiple properties and love the fact that our sales advisers or hand to provide expert advice as they make their purchases.

Nirvana for landlords is attracting great tenants who are prepared to pay more for a lovely home. The more attractive the property, the bigger your potential profit.

So how can you create a property that’ll attract the right kind of tenant without cancelling out your profits? By being smart when it comes to renovating your property of course.

So… are you looking for low cost, hard wearing tiles that look great and are exclusively available to just one brand? Well you should be.

A nicer property = better tenants

Quite honestly, the kind of tenants you’re after will probably recognise the kind of ‘bog standard’ kitchen, bathroom and floor tiles you can buy from any of the nationwide DIY stores and assume you’ve decorated on the cheap. But if you’re smart, you’ll take advantage of the value and variety – not to mention high quality and exclusivity – offered by Home Tiles. This means you can give your property a make-over using beautiful tiles that’ll make your property look stunning, and show your tenants you care as much about where they live as they do. As if that’s not enough, the knock-on effect will be that your tenants take better care of the place.

And don’t tell anyone, but it’ll cost less too! Because we source our tiles direct from the manufacturer, we can achieve the best prices for you.
Simultaneously getting better tenants and earning a better profit is what we in the tile trade call a win-win situation!

Tile inspiration

Check out our customer gallery to see awesome examples of how others have used our tiles to make their mark on their properties. Then pop along to one of our stores based in North London and High Wycombe to see our tiles ‘in the flesh’ so to speak. We’d also encourage you to bend the ear of one of our enthusiastic team specialists about anything and everything to do with tiles.


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