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7 Jun 2019

Tips for creating a patio area using tiles

outdoor space using tiles

The perfect outdoor space

There is no denying, when the sun is out, there is definitely a shift change in the mood. Life becomes all about outdoor living, family barbeques and long summer evenings sat outside on the patio.

Now is the perfect time to turn your thoughts to creating a garden and patio area that will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

We thought this month we’d share some of our tips on creating a beautiful garden space using tiles.

Gardens are no longer seen as separate spaces to the rest of the house. Over the years the trend has been to include the garden as an extension of the house. Creating a seamless flow from the indoors to the outdoors. Here are Sai Interiors tips to inspire you to create the perfect outdoor space!

Tip 1 – 

If you have recently extended your property at the back, chances are that you have gone for an open plan concept with large glass doors leading to the outside. A key consideration when creating this space, is the patio area on the other side of the glass door. A seamless transition from indoors to outdoors can be created using beautiful porcelain tiles.

A perfect choice is the Clark Light Porcelain outdoor tiles, with complimentary indoor tiles to match which are available at Home Tiles. The idea is to create a clear flow from the inside to the outside space.

Clark gris, outdoor space

Tip 2 –

Zoning a garden can create a visual feast for the eyes. Mixing up the style of tiles you use can help to create different zones and give the garden lots of personality.

A really great idea is to use porcelain outdoor tiles with a wood effect. Creating a barbeque zone or a small seating area with these tiles works beautifully. Home Tiles have a huge range of wood effect tiles in a variety of colours!

wood grain porcelain

Tip 3 – 

If you are a regular reader of our blogs then you’ll know that at Sai Interiors we love patterned tiles. Patterned tiles became a must have in the Victorian era, you can still see many houses from this ere with front paths in beautifully patterned tiles.

It’s time now to take these tiles and create something really special in your back garden. Why not create a little nook in the garden with some lovely seating or a hammock with beautiful patterned tiles? Home Tiles has a huge selection of the most beautiful patterned tiles.

patterned tiles, outdoors

Porcelain outdoor tiles are definitely the must have element to create your perfect outdoor space. So get yourselves over to a Home Tiles store near you and create that magical space for the summer!


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