Chris Foot
16 Jul 2021

Top Tile trends emerging from Lockdown

Palmira Bianco ceramic white gloss tile on a bathroom wall

As lockdown restrictions have slowly been eased, at Home Tiles we’ve noticed some very clear design trends emerging in people preparing their properties for the long-awaited freedom day July 19th. We thought we’d share the top 3 trends we’ve noticed to help you in the design decision-making process


1. Shiny and Sleek Polished Wall Tiles

Polished tile haves always been popular, but it was clear that the demand for them had skyrocketed when we started reopening our doors. We theorize that as households are allowed to mix, people want to shock their visitors with glamorous interior transformations. They’re great at this thanks to their reflective top layer, making rooms lighter and brighter it allows the room to literally shine bright like a diamond.


2. Marble Tiles

An absolute classic when it comes to kitchen and bathroom renovations, it creates a prestigious aesthetic and will easily captivate any guests you have around. One of the major benefits of porcelain marble effect tiles is that you’re able to achieve the marble look, for a fraction of the price of actual marble which can get quite costly per square metre. We believe its increase in demand is because it’s an extremely eye-catching product, which feeds into our theory of people wanting to showcase their interior transformations.


3. Grey Tiles

Grey, probably the safest colour choice you can make. It comes in so many different shades, textures, and shapes it truly is a versatile product. Its popularity can be safely attributed to its neutrality and being known as a safe option. Grey tiles have always been in demand, so it’s no surprise to see an upwards trend with lockdown ending.


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