Chris Foot
1 Nov 2021

Using White to Transform Your Property

Bird's eye view shot of a living room with HomeTiles' Palatine Marble Porcelain Tile

Picking colour for your home can be quite a daunting task, there’s so many different colours to choose from and you also need to consider if the colour you pick blends with your existing furniture. White is often a popular choice but faces some controversy with some saying it’s not worth the upkeep to keep them clean, and we couldn’t disagree more. There’s a lot you can do with white and when you see how nice it is you’ll be racing for some white tiles, so here’s our guide on how white tiles can transform a property and how you can do it yourself.

Marble Effect

Marble has historically been a huge favourite and it makes sense why; it looks amazing. It radiates sophistication, looks amazing and there’s a lot of variation on what kind of design you can go for. We sell many different marble effect tiles, you can go for the classic white and grey strikes, or more modern white with a spread grey depending on the interior style you want. White and grey are fairly safe colours and don’t really clash with other colours, meaning it should blend well with whatever furniture you have.

Plain White

Plain white tiles are brilliant for transforming a property, they scream cleanliness when looked after properly and they do a great job of highlighting other features in the same room. There’s also flexibility with how you might implement white tiles, you can create a splashback with them, feature wall or an entire room depending on what style/design you want to go for. We find that having larger spaces of white tiles is more beneficial as more light will reflect off them making rooms lighter and brighter.


One issue you may find with all an all-white room is that it lacks life and can look a bit plain, one way to work around this is buying textured tiles, our Ozone snow tile is a brilliant example of this as it does a great job of bringing a room alive through it’s textured markings.

Patterned White Tiles

Patterned white tiles are an amazing way of transforming your property for the better, they are absolutely full of life and really animate it making it a pleasant environment.  We recommend only having patterned tiles on only one surface instead of both the walls and floors. This is because with big bold patterns on both means there could be too much going on in the room which can be quite distracting and won’t blend well with any furniture you have.

White and gold

A colour combination created to generate elegance in your property, allowing you to live like Egyptian royalty. One great aspect of white and gold tiles is that light will bounce off the white background and really highlight the gold in your tiles, especially if it has golden strikes like our Vanity White Tile.

White + ? = Bold

Having your walls, floor or both the same colour can look a little plain especially if you have other pieces of white furniture and fixtures. A great way to bring some life and transform your property is by adding some bold colours. A great example of this is our Crash Blue tile, It’s a primarily white tile with some attention-grabbing blue markings. The blue is really highlighted by the white background making it really stand out and gives the room some personality.


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