Create your own spa resort at home with our wide range of bathroom tiles. We have many different designs and patterns to suit any home, so checkout our full online range below!

HT Mosaics 2 30224

was £24.99 now £17.00


was £54.99 now £44.99 per sqm

HT Mosaics 2 30226

was £24.99 now £17.00
Oikos Gold on wall and floor of lounge

Oikos Gold

was £38.99 now £30.00 per sqm

Alba White

was £27.99 now £22.99 per sqm

Cuzco Gris

was £24.99 now £17.99 per sqm

Metro White

was £12.99 now £9.99 per sqm

Aberdeen Earth

was £23.99 now £16.99 per sqm

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