Value and Variety for Hotels

Want to make a statement?

Want to stand out from your competitors?

Want your guests to walk through the door and instantly feel at home?

Want to stretch the budget as far as possible without compromising quality?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a boutique or B&B, serviced apartment or inn, chain or indie, spruce your rooms up with our huge variety of stunningly designed and amazingly great value tiles.

 długo żyj różnicą, as they say in Poland.

Home Tiles brings in products from places all over the world from the likes of India, China, Italy and Spain! Embrace your hotel’s individuality with tiles you can’t get elsewhere - 75% of our products are exclusive to Home Tiles, so your wow factor will be our little secret!

Porcelain tiles

Many of the tiles we supply to hotels are made of porcelain. That’s because porcelain produces a tough tile that’s difficult to damage. The porcelain tiles are waterproof which makes it much more difficult for guests to make marks or stain them (hard as they might try!).

What’s more, the porcelain floor or wall tiles are the same colour all the way through, making any minor damage much less obvious, thus saving you the bother and expense of replacing them.

In fact, if you choose well (and why wouldn’t you) and get designs you know you’ll never get sick of looking at, you could keep your hotel looking great for many years, possibly decades, to come.

Enormous variety and great value!

By embracing the Home Tiles variety and value difference, you’ll get beautiful, high-quality, hard-wearing, long-lasting, guest-resistant floor and wall tiles for a surprisingly low price. Your restaurant, kitchen, bathrooms and public rooms will look as fabulous as your bottom line could be. Not to mention that almost all of our products are exclusive to Home Tiles so your rooms will look like no other.

Now we’ve got you interested in our great value range of tiles, the best thing to do now is come and see for yourself what we mean! We have stores in High Wycombe and all across North London, staffed by our enthusiastic ‘variety and value’ gurus who’ll be willing to chat about all things tile-related for as long as you want! Come in store today and take it away!

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