Nick Davies
16 Jan 2024

A Guide to “R” Ratings for Tiles

Tile gradings explained R13 – R9

When browsing some of our ranges, sometimes you will come across an ”R” rating. The letter “R” followed by a number. In simple terms, this rating gives an indication of slip rating.

The R actually stands for “Ramp test”. The higher the number, the better reduced slip the tile will have. If you wish to find out more about the Ramp Test and how tiles are classified, then a quick google search can find this information.

If a range of tiles do not have an R rating, that does not mean that they are not suitable for the application. This just means that they have not been tested for their purpose. For assurance of application though, chose an R rated tile.

For the benefit of ease and understanding, the R ratings are listed below for which purpose the tiles are most suitable:

R9 Slip Resistant Tiles

The R9 is the lowest rating for reduced slip tiles. They are suitable for domestic environments and if made of porcelain, some commercial environments where reduced slip is not really required.

Use in dry areas where floors are rarely exposed to water. Ideally R9 tiles should not be used outdoors or in wet environments.

R10 Slip Resistant Tiles

The R10 tiles help to prevent slippage in domestic environments. Perfect for Kitchens and Bathrooms. Porcelain R10 tiles can also be used externally or commercially. Use in area that receive the occasional wetting such as kitchens, utility rooms or bathrooms.

R11 Slip Resistant Tiles

R11 tiles are perfect for commercial environments. Such as office floors where grip is needed. When used in a domestic environment, the hard wearing reduced slip benefits make them great for not only kitchen and bathrooms, but also living areas and hallways. Most R11 ranges will have a texture on the surface which helps for grip. R11 ranges are also suitable for external use ie Patios and gardens.

R12 Slip Resistant Tiles

Similar to the R11 ranges for use, R12 ranges have the added benefit of extra texture and can also be use in wet areas such as changing rooms, poolside, hotel foyers, shopping centres etc. Don’t rely on R12 ranges to prevent slipping though. R13 ranges are the safest option.

R13 Slip Resistant Tiles

For commercial use such as Airports, Swimming pool surrounds, communal poolside changing rooms etc, R13 ranges are the safest bet. Similar to the R11 and R12 in features, R13 tiles have been tested and passed the most extreme slip tests. Chose R13 for commercial internal and external applications.

Here’s a simple table for use:

R” RATING…                              SUITABLE FOR…

R9                                                 Ceramic Domestic Internal use

                                                      Porcelain (some) Commercial Internal use

R10                                               Kitchens


                                                      Utility Rooms

                                                      Internal & External use

R11 Kitchens                                 Bathrooms

                                                      Utility Rooms

                                                      Living Areas


                                                      Office Areas

                                                      Internal & External use

R12 Commercial areas                 Internal & External use

                                                      Changing Rooms


                                                      Hotel Foyers

R13 Commercial areas                 External


                                                      Shopping Centres

                                                      Communal Changing Rooms

                                                      Pool Surrounds

                                                      Normally guaranteed


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