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How to achieve the vintage look with modern tiles

2 Apr 2019|Sai Siddique

Vintage, by definition, refers to styles that imitate a bygone era. Synonymous with words such as retro, shabby chic and …

Sai Siddique

Tile chic – Tottenham style

28 Mar 2019|Home Tiles

Be tile chic – Tottenham style

Tottenham is an area dominated by rows of Victorian terraced housing, giving it a traditional …

Home Tiles

Style in the City – I’m in love with the shape of you!

1 Mar 2019|Sai Siddique

As brand ambassadors for Home Tiles we are delighted to announce that the headline news from The Surface Design Show …

Sai Siddique

How to find a trusted trader to tile your home

14 Feb 2019|Home Tiles

So you’re re-tiling your kitchen or bathroom. You’ve been to your nearest Home Tiles store (naturally!) and bought the perfect …

Home Tiles

5 tile ideas for your small kitchen to optimise your space

28 Jan 2019|Sai Siddique

The kitchen is usually the heart of the home where we spend time cooking, socialising and generally just hanging out. …

Sai Siddique

Top tips for creating an open plan living space!

15 Jan 2019|Sai Siddique

Open plan living is still a much desired and sought-after ask for many of our clients.
Creating a large multifunctional space …

Sai Siddique

Top tips on cleaning tiles

7 Jan 2019|Home Tiles

Floor and wall tiles are usually very easy to keep clean. Follow the golden rule of not using bleach or …

Home Tiles

Making coasters from tiles

18 Dec 2018|Home Tiles

It’s nearly Christmas, which means coming up with ideas that’ll keep the kids happy over the school holidays. As the …

Home Tiles

Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends 2019

3 Dec 2018|Sai Siddique

The tail end of the year is when designers are privy to the biggest design events. New collection launches, exhibitions …

Sai Siddique

Do up your home this Christmas

23 Nov 2018|Home Tiles

One of the best things about Christmas is all that time off work! Most offices will close completely between Christmas …

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