Trade Card Terms And Conditions


  1. GETTING STARTED (Trader, Online, In store)
    1. Most Traders resident in the UK and aged 18 or over may register for a Trade membership account instore or online. By registering for and each time you purchase using your Trade membership account, you are confirming that you accept Our Terms of Business.
    2. We do not allow Traders who work for our competitors or who break or fail to observe Our Terms of Business (for example, by re-selling products purchased from us) and we have the right to reject an application or cancel a Trade membership account of a Trader who does any of these things.
    3. Once registered:
      1. you will receive a Trade Card accounts that in tiles you to a 2% rebate on ALL spend within Home Tiles Ltd
      2. you will be entitled to Trade discount off the price of eligible products at the rate or rates that we set from time to time; and
      3. you will be entitled to receive other benefits that we provide from time to time, such as invitations to exclusive trade events at your local store and access to trade credit (subject to status for Limited companies only).
    4. We only allow one trade card per company, at your request you’re able to allow Friends/Family and customers to come in and purchase items adding points to your trade card.
  2. EARNING 2% rebate (Trader, Online, In store)
    1. Present your Trade card in store or login to your Trade membership account online when making a purchase or placing an order, to earn the 2% Rebate.
    2. 2% will be added to your account within Trade Essentials membership account within 24 hours after all purchases instore or online. This includes products for your customers (you must be using or fitting the products purchased by the end consumer in order to be eligible to receive the points).
    3. The corresponding Rebate points will be deducted from your trade Essentials member accounts should you return anything for which you had received Rewards+ points.
  3. USING your 2% rebate (Trader, In store)
    1. The balance can be redeemed by the Trade Essentials membership account holder only in our stores (not on our website) against eligible products.
    2. Any payments for products made using your rebate will require authorisation from an area manager so please be patient in store.
    1. If your Trade credit account is suspended for any reason, we may suspend your Trade membership account too.
    2. We will deduct your redemption from your Trade essentials membership account where:
      1. The 2% redemption monies have been allocated to your account in breach of Our Terms of Business or in error;
      2. The accumulated redemption amount has not been redeemed within 12 months starting with the month after they were awarded;
    3. We will credit your Trade membership account with the appropriate amount with all products purchased within 24 hours
    4. The redemption balance is not transferable.
    5. Where products have been purchased via cash or card and the redemption balance, Home Tiles shall be entitled to credit the amount of refund to the cash or card in priority to crediting the Trade Essentials Member’s account with the amount of refund in redemption.
    6. Where products have been purchased by way of cash or card the redemption balance we will deducted from the Trade essentials Member’s account,
    7. You are entitles to redeem all or some of your balance on 1 transaction per day.

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