Chris Foot
1 Jul 2020

How to create an Art Deco bathroom

The Art Deco movement began after World War 1 and was an extravagant reaction to the deprivation and suffering experienced by many during the war years. Taking its name from the 1925 Paris exhibition, it was all the rage until the late 1930s.

Art Deco design was the epitome of luxury and elegance. Featuring geometric shapes and zig zags on walls and floors, these were complemented with smooth curved walls and cut glass accessories. Monochrome colours enhanced by metallic hues such as bronze and steel were really popular, giving an overall look that was clean, sharp and opulent.

If creating an Art Deco bathroom is your next home improvement project, the good news is that it’s easier than you think. Whilst you probably won’t want to invest in a marble washbasin or start rebuilding new curved interior walls, there are lots of other ways to create an authentic look including choosing the right bathroom suite and contrasting with vintage style bathroom tiles.

Choose a vintage suite

Making a start by choosing the right bathroom suite will put you straight on the path to your new-look Art Deco bathroom. Look for black freestanding roll-top baths which will have smooth curves and choose large washbasins with rounded edges. You can accessorise these with vintage taps and angular mirrors to finish off the look.

Black and white

If you’re a lover of super bright colour schemes in every colour of the spectrum, an Art Deco bathroom isn’t going to be for you. What it will be though, is a classy nod to a stylish bygone era which marked an important period in our history. Black and white feature prominently with high shine metallic colours used to add texture and depth. For extra opulence, the monochrome colour scheme can be enhanced with glass light fittings and chandeliers and don’t forget to add lush green indoor plants to the corners – the larger the better!

Art Deco bathroom tiles

You can add the perfect finishing touch to your Art Deco bathroom by creating stunning designs with clever tiling. Working with versatile bathroom tiles such as the Metro Black Gloss Ceramic Tile and its sister in white, you will be able to create zig-zag floors that any genuine Art Deco fan would be proud of. Or you may prefer an authentic chequerboard floor which you can achieve with smaller square tiles. For an easy way to a genuine finish, the Derby and the Durham tiles have it all – a vintage look with a ready-made black and white pattern. Complement these with tiled walls in white with black borders or the other way round if you’re feeling bold. And for the ultimate luxurious look, you could try a marble tile finish with the Neptune Marble Gloss Ceramic Tile which will be sure to give your bathroom the appearance of Art Deco sophistication.


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