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17 Apr 2018

Classic do’s and don’ts of kitchen and bathroom decoration

Tiling - wrongs & rights

If you’re thinking of doing some home improvement work, especially in relation to your kitchen and bathroom, there are plenty of interior design websites offering advice and showing wonderful photos of what your home could be like…

On the other hand, it’s much more fun to look at horror pictures showing what your home is capable of looking like given a taste-bypass, a complete lack of imagination and years of neglect. Our favourite guilty pleasure is an irreverent website showing terrible real estate agent photos – seriously, people really do try and sell their homes using these pictures!

How to reduce the value of your home

Did you know that an avocado bathroom suite – one of the enduring horrors that came out of the 1970s – will devalue your home by as much as £5,000? (Although frankly we’re surprised it’s that little!)

Don’t think that kitchens get away with it just because they don’t have avocado suites. In fact, the horrors of a badly designed or decorated kitchen go beyond a green bath as this discussion on the interior design website Houzz makes all too clear.

And if you fancy a good chuckle over some ‘what not to do’ corkers, check out the kitchens and bathrooms on this site – we particularly like the pink, mirrored bathroom, though rest assured, we’ll not be adding it to our Staples Corner tile showroom anytime soon…

How to do it right

If you want to look at the good things in life and find out what can be done with Home Tiles’ tiles, have a look at our tiling gallery and see for yourself what great taste our customers have!

And however exquisite your taste, if your workmanship isn’t up to scratch, you could be ruining a perfectly good room. Luckily we can help you with that. We often run our own Learn to Tile Your Home workshop, giving you not only enough advice and practical help to allow you to do the job properly, but also the tools of the trade to take home with you!


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