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15 Dec 2020

7 things you need to know about patterned floor tiles

The first thing you need to know about patterned floor tiles is that they’re a great way to give the room personality. They create a focal point in the room, instantly making a bold statement that can really bring it to life. Why settle for plain when you can make a statement!

Find out what it’ll look like

You’ve seen the perfect patterned tile, but before you rush out to buy them, it’s always advisable to see photos of what they’ll look like in a room. What you love in a single tile may not be right for your room when you see it in situ. So look at customer galleries, Instagram and any photos you can find online to see how other people have used them. You may change your mind, but you may also get inspired with different ways to be creative.

Begin at the focal point

When you begin tiling a patterned floor, always begin at the focal point and work outwards. Don’t start laying against the wall because it’s easier – that way you’ll probably end up with the floor not looking right at all. Begin by laying out the tiles in the middle of the room, or where the eye naturally falls when you enter the room, and you’ll end up with a great looking floor.

Creating symmetry

Using patterned tiles such as the Derby, you can create interesting symmetrical patterns that will add flair to your room. Ideal for smaller rooms and those where it’s impractical to use rugs, such as kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, with the added bonus that they’ll work well against the monocoloured fixtures and fittings.

Creating fun

Rather than symmetrical, repeating patterns, shake things up a bit with different patterns that nevertheless complement each other. The Corintia Dec Beige is a good example of this, with its mixture of fun patterned squares interspersed with plain squares. It’ll bring playfulness into any room, but its muted tones give it a subtlety that makes it a classic.

Patterns can recreate period looks

If, for example, you have a Victorian property and would love to bring out a period feel to it but are unsure about doing a job that’s going to be fiddly, let the tiles do the work for you. The patterns on our Oriol Metalic tiles give the impression of complex mosaic work, but all you have to do is lay ordinary-sized square tiles. Job done!

Patterns don’t have to be patterns

Patterned floor tiles don’t necessarily have to be patterns in the traditional sense, such as the Brighton, the patterning can be used to recreate something that has occurred naturally, such as the marbling in the Patmos, or the distressed wood effect of the Vintage. Porcelain floor tiles are, of course, a lot cheaper than wood or marble flooring, and are much more practical too. With wood patterned tiles, you can create the illusion of a wooden floor in rooms where wood is impractical, such as kitchens and bathrooms, giving yourself the best of both worlds.

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