Sai Siddique
13 Sep 2018

Tile Trends in Asian Homes

Tile Trends in Asian Homes

The key to good interior design is to create a space that feels ‘right’.  Whilst the Scandi style of the west is pared back and simple, as you head eastwards, Asian homes bring with them a deeper sense of spirituality, serenity and tranquillity that is so beautifully balanced, the home instantly feel exactly that….’Right’!

By definition, Asian design is a blend that spans from India and Pakistan all the way east to Japan, China, Bali and Thailand to name a few of the countries that fall under the banner of ‘The East’

So, what are the key elements to creating beautiful interiors with a flavour of the east and how can tiles be brought into your scheme to do just that?


Asian interiors are synonymous with the word balance. A perfectly balanced interior space is a beautiful mix of colours and textures. A great way of bringing texture into your scheme is with the addition of beautiful tiles which add the element of nature. These beautiful Fossil Gold Rustic, Brown Polished Glass tiles from Home Tiles would create a gorgeous backdrop.



Colour is an intrinsic part of the Asian make up and no Asian inspired scheme would be complete without at least a splash of something vibrant and full of life! As a rough guide the rule of 60, 30, 10 can be applied to create balance in a scheme. 60% of the colour in a room should be the neutral, 30% should be the second neutral and the final and most important10% should be your splash of colour. We love this Ruby Glow Red, Black Polished Glass Tile  from Home Tiles which certainly adds energy and life to a room.



One of the most searched for interior trends currently is the ‘spa’ bathroom. As we move further East, countries such as Bali and Thailand are the key players when it comes to creating the perfect spa retreat in the home.

Tiles are the key element used to create the spa like feel in a bathroom. Aquamarines, blues and greens are perfect for creating the look. These stunning Intuition Aquamarine, light blue and Green Gloss Ceramic tiles create a delicious spa like feel.


Whatever element of Asian design you go for, whether it’s simple or dramatic, colourful or calm, create the harmony and balance  that is integral to an Asian décor scheme to create a timeless home which will be your perfect haven!


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