Chris Foot
10 Oct 2018


Illusion of space

With property prices at a premium, particularly in the South East, the amount of square footage the average home buyer can afford is often restricted. With a growing population of home buyers living in more compact spaces, how can we go about creating the illusion of a bigger space using tiles?

Designers always draw on the tricks of the trade to create the illusion of a bigger space. Here’s how in four easy steps.

The bigger the better

While smaller tiles can look beautiful, they also have an increased number of grout lines. This in itself can scale down a room. A basic designer trick is to go large in small spaces, this will always give the illusion of grandeur. Opt for nice big 60 x 60 tiles or, for the really brave, the 90 x 90 version. Keep grout lines to a minimum to create seamless floors and walls and in return you’ll get a visually bigger space.

Semipolished porcelain tile

Stay away from patter

We all love a nice patterned tile which can add huge amounts of personality and interest to a room; however they will definitely make small spaces appear smaller and busier. Keep it stylish and simple. If you are worried about the space appearing too bland, then play around with shapes. A plain hexagonal tile will create the illusion of space but bring a personality along with it.

Tiled aluminium background

Higher or wider?

Another trick of the trade for rooms that are narrow is to create horizontal lines which visually widen a room. For rooms that lack height, creating vertical lines will visually raise the ceiling height. Tiles are an excellent way to create these optical illusions. Use and lay them horizontally or vertically depending on the illusion you are trying to create.

Beige Ceramic Tile

Creative with Colour

Another trick of the trade is to use colour to create the illusion of scale. As a rule of thumb, dark colours are advancing and light colours are retreating. In large period rooms for example, dark colours are essential to make the room appear smaller and cosier. In smaller spaces get it right with going light! Opt for very soft, pale neutrals. Light coloured floor and wall tiles will instantly make a space feel bigger and if there is good natural light in the room, this will be bounced around to create a light airy space which looks bigger than it actually is!

grey polished porcelain tile

So arm yourself with your bag full of tricks of the trade and go create yourself a big, beautiful space… even if it is an illusion! Get in touch if you wish to find out more or call us on 020 8361 8547.


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