Chris Foot
17 Oct 2018

Tiles for underfloor heating

Underfloor heating

Even though we love tiles, we know how horrible it is putting your bare feet on a cold floor on a freezing winter’s morning. Thankfully there is a brilliant solution – underfloor heating!

Swap chilly soles for toasty toes so you’ll be happy to throw the duvet off, leap out of bed and burst into the kitchen to put the kettle on as soon as the alarm goes off. OK, so we know that’s simply not going to happen – especially if it’s a Monday morning – but you get the picture.

Why have underfloor heating?

Apart from warm feet in the winter, there are a number of advantages of installing underfloor heating in your home.

It’s energy efficient-
Underfloor heating covers the whole room, whereas a radiator has to heat the room from a small area. This means the temperature you need to effectively heat the room is far greater when you’re using traditional radiators and is why having underfloor heating will reduce your energy bills.

The heat is more comfortable –
Having heat radiating up from the floor gives you a more consistent and comfortable ambient temperature.

It gives you more room –

With no need to keep wall space free for radiators, you’ll have more options with regards to the layout and decoration of your room.

The air quality is better –
Underfloor heating improves the air quality in your room because it doesn’t disturb the dust in the way that the heat from radiators does. With fewer dust particles circulating in the room, the air is cleaner and therefore has fewer allergens.

You can use our lovely floor tiles –

In fact, you can use almost any floor covering on top of your underfloor heating. However, you will need to use a flexible adhesive as the changing temperatures will cause movement, but that’s something you can ask us about when you come into the store to choose your tiles.


We also stock thermostats in a range of different colours to match your new floor, and ensure that your house is as warm and cosy as you want it to be.

Cover your underfloor heating with our lovely floor tiles

Have a look through our range of floor tiles to see a taster of what we have in our stores. If you’d love to have a marble bathroom floor but can’t afford marble, we’ve got porcelain tiles that’ll look perfect and will be well within your budget. If you’d like a wood floor in the kitchen but are worried it won’t be hard-wearing enough, our wood-effect porcelain tiles will be the perfect compromise. Beautiful, practical and affordable!

Porcelain tiles are hard-wearing, easy to maintain, and will last for years. Combined with underfloor heating, you can have a beautiful, warm home. Visit your nearest Home Tiles store to see what we have available and talk to our tiling experts who’ll give you both a warm welcome and a cup of tea!


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