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15 Apr 2020

5 creative ideas for metro tiles

metro wall tiles

Metro wall tiles are wonderfully versatile, and with a little imagination and creativity you can use them to create unique and interesting designs. Metro tiles are brick-shaped tiles and are available in a fabulous range of colours. Here are 5 ideas for using metro tiles to add a touch of pizazz to your home.

Create interesting patterns with metro tiles

Using metro tiles to make an eye-catching pattern or design on your walls which will also impress your family and friends. You could have a:

  • linear pattern – where you place metro tiles horizontally across in a line (or vertically to create a sense of height) and the edges of the tiles line up with the edges of the tiles below
  • brick wall pattern – where the end edges of each metro tile are in line with the halfway point of the metro tiles below (again create a sense of height by placing them vertically instead)
  • herringbone pattern – where you place 2 metro tiles in a V shape that points either up or down, or perhaps try placing them diagonally
  • basket weave design – where you alternate between placing the metro tiles horizontally and vertically.

Top tip: the possibilities are endless – so make sure you plan your design carefully in advance (Have a read of our blog, ‘How to use patterns and textures in your home’.)

Be creative with colour

As well as deciding about what pattern to have, introduce colour or combinations of colours to really personalise your room. Single-coloured walls can be very effective: white creates a sense of light and space, pale or muted colours can accentuate other features in the room such as the floor and furnishings and bold colours can add a touch of vibrancy.

Or you could mix it up with contrasting colours such as monochrome black and white for a more dramatic effect; use different shades and tones of the same colour for a more subtle pattern; or intersperse some patterned or textured metro tiles to add variety.

Create a feature wall

Instead of tiling the whole room with metro tiles you could create a feature wall instead by using contrasting coloured and/or textured metro tiles. This way you can add depth to a small room or divide up the space in a larger room, and it’s a fabulous to make your home truly yours.

Use high-gloss metro tiles to create a sense of light

High-gloss metro tiles, especially in a smaller room, can enhance the sense of light and space. The reflection of light off the glossy tile surface can also make the room feel larger. They are so easy to clean which means they won’t lose their sparkle. You could even alternate between matt and gloss metro tiles of the same colour for a subtler effect.

Match metro tiles with your floor

Metro tiles can complement your flooring perfectly especially if you have richly patterned floor tiles. Create the perfect backdrop by using metro tiles in matching tones and make your floor the star of the room.

Have a look at our gallery for ideas and inspiration, or speak to one of our advisors in any of our stores. They can help you decide which metro tiles would be perfect for your home.


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