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9 Dec 2019

The hottest tile design ideas from 2019!

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This year has been an exciting period for innovative tile designs and trends, so if you are thinking of a redesign for your bathroom, kitchen, lounge or conservatory, rather than looking to replace units why not think about updating the walls or floors with one of the hottest tile design ideas from 2019? Adding tiles to your walls or floors, creating interesting patterns or textures can completely update your room in a most cost-effective way. So, to help with your project, here is a round-up of styles and trends from 2019.

Shaped Tiles

Square tiles in a grid pattern, remnant of the 80s and 90s designs, are emerging as a really popular choice of throw-back design at the moment adding a much more modern feel than the standard tiles that have been available for many years. However, if you don’t want your room update to include square tiles, as you wish to add some movement, there are many more unique shapes like circular, or hexagon tiles which have become one of the design leaders throughout the year, or even curved tiles which are set to be a big leader in 2020. When you choose to create a pattern with shaped tiles, or even tiles of many different sizes, you create, unique to you, designs that visitors will definitely notice.

Patterned Tiles

Ornate patterned floor tiles are incredibly practical, especially if you have animals; after all, the more patterns you see, the less dirt you see. As a huge growing trend in 2019, patterned tiles can add a layer of design to a neutral room that is completely unexpected. By using patterned tiles you will be making a bold statement to any room, giving you complete control of the attitude and feel of the space. You can create a completely unique feel to the room with a series of patterned tiles on walls or floors that will not only be bang on trend, but also add your own style to your home.

Coloured Tiles

When thinking about a room design, colour is always important and ever since the first coloured tile range was introduced to the market they have always been, and continue to be, a trend leader and popular choice. Coloured tiles can be used to create patterns and feature walls, as well as a practical option for the floor. They can add depth and texture to your space with combinations of shades and textures, for example in 2019 when the environment has been on everyone’s minds, many are using the wood-effect tile designs to bring feelings that evoke nature combined with earthy tones to the home. Your choices of colours for your tiles will change the entire feel of the room you add them to.

Ready to get decorating?

If you are still unsure which 2019 trend you would like to adopt, or have your own ideas but would like guidance on which tiles to use to achieve your design, remember that using an in-store professional during your design process can be very helpful. They can help you explore all of the top trends from 2019 and also offer advice on the emerging options for 2020; all you then need to do is embrace what you are personally drawn to. Many new trends come from bold ideas, and with your professional advisor’s assistance you will be confident in your choice for your new refurbishment.


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